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We, at Munice, are changing the paradigm of sleep. We research and develop sleep solutions that are personalized to every person's sleep. One-stop sleep care involves high-quality sleep detection technology and clinical-trialed sound waves. We own 3 patents and 100+ sleep sounds.

Our mission is to help live a healthier day. Our vision is to be earth's biggest Sleep Tech company; to build a place where anyone who has trouble with sleep can find one's solution.

Dr.Dozy App

Provide "Interactive Sleep Solutions to Fight Insomnia". We play effective sleep sounds in accordance to your condition, sleep stages and quality.

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Dr.Dozy DOLL

Dozy is a functional worry doll that that improves the quality of sleep by providing sound waves that leads to deeper sleep.

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Dr.Dozy Game

Dr.Dozy examines your sleep habits and tells you the Sleep MBTI. Want to know your sleep type?

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